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Interlogic Corporation
In RECORD IMPORT are committed to our customers, and society in general, guarantee the availability of the latest technology to support the development and technological growth of the country and marketing innovative components and equipment and high quality. To give back to both our employees and our customers, a fair return on their investment. We base our success on talent, performance and commitment of our employees, developing friendly products to ensure environmental conservation and allow for growth and development of future generations.
Being a prestigious company, a leader in marketing of Computer components and high quality in Latin America, focused on customer satisfaction, favoring the growth and technological development of the region.
Confidentiality: Receipt of all relevant information that may be useful or desirable to others..

Honesty: It is the behavior that must be governed by righteousness and honesty in materials resource management, financial and organizational information.

Responsibility: This is the complete fulfillment of the duties assigned by the Organization.

Innovation: It is the cornerstone of success, where the vanguard rather than a style, is a way of life.
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